Modern Contemporary Home *UPDATED*

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Modern Contemporary Home *UPDATED*

Post by Juice Box Monstah on Wed 27 Feb 2013, 22:10

***UPDATE: I've finally got the download link fixed for you guys! I apologize for the inconvenience before! C: Have fun and happy simming!*** 

Lot Name: Modern Contemporary Home
Lot Size: 20x25
Lot Price Furnished: $192,217
Lot Price Unfurnished: $57,620
Lot Features: Open Kitchen & Living Area, Pool & Hot Tub, One Car Garage, Guest Room, Master Bedroom, Two Full Bathrooms, Balcony
Lot Placement Suggestion: 357 Hill Street - Starlight Shores
Lot Placement Additional Information: You will have to evict a family, and bulldoze lot "357 Hill Street - Starlight Shores" before you can place this lot in the suggested area.
Expansions/Stuff Packs: All
Store Items: All
Custom Content: None
Download Size: 11.23MB

Direct Download: Here
More Lot Images: Here

Front View:

Back View:

First Floor:

Second Floor:


Study Area:

Living Area:



Guest Room:


Pool Area:

Master Bedroom:

Master Bathroom:


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Mod edit: link fixed.

- Carlos
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