The Love Birds

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The Love Birds

Post by Isubasa on Tue 05 Mar 2013, 05:53

Meet Catrina and Gabriella


Catrina De Luca mods:

Hair: by NewSea    J016-RainySeason-f

Eyes : by Sasha  Sasha_Makeup Collection [120221]

eye makeup :  by Ephemera     E-MakeupCollection-2012DEC

blush: by S-Club    N1 A&B

skin:  by S-Club     F&M 2.0A

eyelash: by S-Club  mesh and design set 1

lipstick: by S-Club Lipstick N32

Piercing: by Winry   PiercingSet - Snake Bite

Gabriella De Luca Mods:

Dress: Pradasims   AF_Dress_PZ01

Hair: by Peggy
October 201Special Gift Hair for Females

eyes:  By S-club Privee  Eyes N2
Eye Makeup: by Ephemera    Same as Catrina

blush: by S-Club   Same as Catrina

skin: by S-Club    Same as Catrina

eyelash: by S-Club   Same as Catrina

lipstick: by S-Club    Same as Catrina

pics- I used poseplayer from mod the sims,
with Dangerously Cute Pose Pack by JuBa,
and as for the last 6 pics - I cant remember

Thanks to ALL creators above- your mods ROCK!!

Download Links:

Catrina De Luca

Gabriella De Luca

Caterina is quite the seductress!

-Isubasa xoxo

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Re: The Love Birds

Post by ShelbeeStarr on Wed 19 Jun 2013, 08:34

I love them!! So cute <3 Most of all the poses! Razz

Once again, Great job!

New project! 
The 7 Deadly Sins
Now available for download!

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