Quick Question On Expansions

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Quick Question On Expansions

Post by easybakewifey on Thu 28 Mar 2013, 00:11

Hi, I have a quick question about the Sims games.
I am not sure which area it would go in, and I cant seem to find any answers on here...(sooo many threads!)

-So my apologies if this is in the wrong thread-

When I first downloaded the Sims 3 Base Game, I started a game without downloading any expansions because I wasn't sure on how to do it and wanted to play right away.
After I figured out how to download the expansions, I downloaded Seasons, and then Ambitions & Generations. (can't remember which order for those two)

After I downloaded the expansion packs I went on playing with the game that I had started. I have noticed though that I don't have a few of the location on the town map that come in the new expansions, such as the daycare for Generations & the Laundromat for Ambitions. I got the major ones like the fire dept. & Salon etc.

I went into the Edit Town Mode option to see if it was possible to place the buildings, and the only option is the gifted day care one. Except it doesn't allow me to place it anywhere on the town map?

When I ran into that situation, I thought maybe that I had to just Open the game via the One I wanted to play, (for Ex: Exit Seasons as it's the one that opens up, and than click my desktop menu for Ambitions) and than all of the lots for that game would appear regularly on the town. Except once the game launched, Seasons would open instead of the Ambitions I had just clicked on.

Is this what it is supposed to do? Or am I supposed to be able to open up each game individually?
If not, how do I get those buildings?
If yes, did I do something wrong when downloading??

Sorry for the Chapter Book! Just wanted to be as detailed as possible!!

Thanks in advance guys!!!


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Re: Quick Question On Expansions

Post by invalidusername on Thu 28 Mar 2013, 01:46

It's a compilation of games, so they're all smushed together into one big sandwich. Razz So it opening Seasons no matter what is right.

They should be in edit town mode in the bin. (The daycare doesn't come with Generations, but with a downloaded set, is it outlined in gold?) The laundromat will be marked with the Ambitions icon, and be by a junk yard and a fire station. If you can't find them, open your launcher and make sure the icons for all three expansions are lit up.
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