I am back! And with a nice tutorial on how to avoid CPU Throttling!

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I am back! And with a nice tutorial on how to avoid CPU Throttling!

Post by Sim Architect on Sat 10 Aug 2013, 07:59

Hello everybody. How are you all?

I just uploaded a video with a tutorial of my own where I show how to avoid CPU throttling, and I really believe everybody here could use it. My game is lagging WAY LESS and my computer isn't getting hot as before.

You are all welcome to give me your opinion as usual. Sorry for being away for so long. I have bipolar disorder and everything is just too hard when I am depressed.

I wish you enjoy! If you like, be welcome to subscribe, as I will post more and more videos, building, playing and "tutorialing"!

Sorry for my English, I am terrible talking and listening...

I didn't know where to post this, that's why I used the "chit-chat" section. Please let me know if I should post generic PC tutorials and Sim Plays/Buildings/Tutorials somewhere else, and that shall be done!

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- Carlos


Thank you, Carlos!
Where should I post Sims Videos like Tutorials/Plays/Buildings?

Kind regards,

The Sim Architect

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