Picking apart RELOADED

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Picking apart RELOADED

Post by Mavs on Tue 05 Nov 2013, 17:58

I just want to know if you would trust this download.

Obviously the new COD Ghosts game was posted by RELOADED /Mr.Stiffy yesterday. Him and piratepedia are supposedly among the trusted names of skidrow/rld etc. I just want to know if you would trust the crack? I am tired of hearing about false positives and thats the way cracks work and AV companies being against Piracy. If that was the case about cracks then how come not one damn crack made by g4tw ever gets detected with the sims 3? If you upload Sims 3 cracks to VirusTotal from this place and Reloaded, only reloaded will get flagged.

I already did countless tests on the new crack for GHOSTS and I found out that it checks for debuggers or is aware of the execution environment meaning it is VM and sandboxie aware. If RELOADED truly has nothing to hide then why go through all the trouble? Is there a non malicious reason why they would do this? I know they are not dumb enough to put an actual file infecting virus on someones computer that destroys it, otherwise nobody would trust them. But I do believe they may inject code in your system looking for exploits to open an encrypted backdoor. Its not too farfetched considering they have gotten around some of the toughest DRM's in gaming. Besides Panda security already labeled the crack " Trj/Thed.W" which according to them means "Thed.A is a Trojan, which although seemingly inoffensive, can actually carry out attacks and intrusions: screenlogging, stealing personal data, etc. It allows to get into the affected computer.It does not spread automatically using its own means."

So I just wanna know, is this normal?


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Re: Picking apart RELOADED

Post by Webmaster on Thu 07 Nov 2013, 13:36

Hello Mavs,

I understand your concerns. I think the The Sims 3 cracks are just "lucky". The reason most cracks get flagged, is not because AV companies don't like cracks, but most likely because of the way a crack is packed; it looks similar to a virus.

Anyway, the problem with cracking groups like "RELOADED" and "Skidrow", is that they don't have any official accounts or official website. Anyone can release a "RELOADED" torrent, so to speak. But yes, if you find a good one - usually the ones with the most seeders - they are good and working.
I'd like to add that we sometimes add RELOADED cracks too, for example in the... what was it... Ah, the The Sims Medieval Ultimate Fix.

So generally look for the torrents with the most seeders, and always scour through the comments. Using cracks cracks you're going to get a lot of false-negatives, nothing to do about that I'm afraid.

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