The Sims 3: Into The Future Legacy Statues.

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The Sims 3: Into The Future Legacy Statues.

Post by TheGreaterAslan on Sat 14 Dec 2013, 20:16


This topic is about how to earn a Legacy Statue in The Sims 3 Into The Future.Hope this helps!

1)The Timekeeper

How to earn the Statue :
Be best friends with The Time Traveler(Emit Relevart).Then,change the future into Utopian or Dystopian.You will have opportunities given by Emit.Complete those opportunities.After you've done that,it should say that The Future has Changed.Then,change to the other event in the Almanac of Time and complete the opportunities given by Emit again.Finally,change the future back to normal by talking to Emit about changing the Future,using the Almanac of Time or by Repairing The Time Continuum.

Tip! : In order to be best friends with Emit.You can travel to the Future and chat with him until he has become your best friend.Or you can create a PlumbBot and install the Holo Projector trait chip which can be built once you've reached Level 9 of Bot Making.

What did you get : Your sim will receive a Time Remote Control which allows you to change the future freely while keeping the relationships you've made there.You also get The Timekeeper Legacy Statue and also a +15 moodlet when you're visiting the future.

2) The Trendsetter

How to earn the Statue : You must purchase Rubikon Retail and/or Concentroid Retail Display Pedestal.These are found in Buy Mode>Sort by Function>Surfaces>Display.You can buy both of them.The only difference are the shape.Once you purchased those,put it somewhere unhidden like infront of your house or in the Living Room.Once you've done that,click on the Retail Display and click Plan Outfit.Pick whatever gender and age you want and plan their outfit.Once done,you must invite the sim with the same gender and age as the statue that you've planned.Now just invite 4 sims the same age and gender with your display pedestal and just wait for four sims to use your display pedestal.

Tip! : Do this on a community park like Big Parks or places that sims usually go.Don't forget to buy it first!

What did you get : Futuristic Sims will change into your outfit when they're near you.You also get The Trendsetter Legacy Statue and +15 moodlet each time you visit the future.

3)The Renowned Philanthropist

How to earn the statue : Win a Lotto in the Present Day.To win them easily,go to the Future and click the City Hall to 'Search Lotto Records'.Once you've done that,you'll earn a Insiders Tip moodlet.Travel to the present and buy Lotto Tickets from The Grocer.Note that the higher your Advance Technology skill is,the higher chance you'll win the lotto.The ticket is only 10 Simoleons so why not buy 5 of them.The many lotto tickets you buy,the higher the chances you'll win!They will usually announce who won the lotto at 7 p.m.Once they announce that you win,donate 50,000 simoleons to the Future Funds at the City Hall in Present Day.You have to donate 10,00 Simoleons 5 times.

What did you get : You can buy friendship.Just give 1,100 or 1,000 simoleons to people and they'll be which gains your relationship with sims.You also get The Renowned Philanthropist Legacy Statue and also +15 moodlet each time you visit the future.

4)The Pioneer Of Plumbotics

How to earn the statue : To get this statue,you'll need Bot Building Skill at Level 10.Firstly,make a Future Tech quality Plumbot while you're in Present Day.Then,you have to install the Sentience trait chip into the Plumbot.

Tip! : This statue is the hardest because you'll need to find an Uber Nanite for the Sentience trait chip.So I recommend you use Collection Helper for this one.

What did you get : Your sim will be able to befriend Plumbots quickly!Especially if your sim have the Bot Fan trait.Your sim can also sell Plumbots at higher value,which is really helpful as Plumbot's sell values are multiplied by their quality,adding up the value of trait chips installed.You also get The Pioneer of Plumbotics Legacy Statue and also get a +15 Honored Plumboticist moodlet each time you visit the future.

5)The Lustrous Entertainer

How to earn the statue : Reach Level 10 in the Laser-Rhythm-a-con Skill.Then,go to the Central Park and Play For Tips in Present Day.You'll need 10 sims listening to your playing.

What did you get : You'll get relations with sims who listen to your playing.You'll also get relationship boost from The Lustrous Entertainer Legacy Statue.You'll also get a +15 moodlet each time you visit the future.

So I hope this guide helps you.That is it for now.Picture will be included.Hope this helps!

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- Carlos


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Thank you,thank you!

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Re: The Sims 3: Into The Future Legacy Statues.

Post by xCharlieee on Thu 19 Dec 2013, 04:16

very helpful!


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