My whole screen is white

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My whole screen is white

Post by ThequeenV on Sun 15 Feb 2015, 17:20

Its not fully white, but it looks over saturated I can only see the buttons. I tried lowering the saturation but it had no effect, anyone else has this problem?


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Re: My whole screen is white

Post by Webmaster on Thu 19 Feb 2015, 21:14

Hi there,

Welcome to the Games4theworld Forum!
Does this issue also occur when you change to another channel? Or if you plug your monitor in another available port on your PC, or another port on your monitor?

Also look for the instructions to "reset" your monitor settings (usually via the buttons on the monitor and NOT via Windows) and try that.
After that you can try the King of fixes: unplug your monitor for about a minute and then plug it in again and test it. Razz

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