Sims 3 stopped working

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Sims 3 stopped working

Post by dhaul on Mon 27 Apr 2015, 18:47


I hope you guys can help me!! I downloaded The Sims 3 Complete Collection, I installed some of them, everythings okay, isnt laggy or anything. 
BUT, when I was creating a sim, my game minimazed and appeared a window saying "The Sims 3 stopped working, check the reason online or cancel" (something like that), that happened when I was seeing t-shirts to choose. And I was like "Oh okay, that's normal. That sometimes happen", and then ye, I started to playing again, I created my sim, no problem, I played a little while on my house, and then BAM, my game minimazed again, and the same error appeared again.

I don't have any mods, so what could be the problem? I'm going to try to play again now, I hope it doesnt crash or anything.

Thank you


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Re: Sims 3 stopped working

Post by Bragondall on Mon 27 Apr 2015, 19:06

what are your specs?
what other stuffs have you installed in your sims 3? stuff packs? expansions?

i am not an expert (yet) on that kind of problems but i think its in your system maybe an outdated driver, net framework, direct x those are my guesses only.

I dont know if its in the Collection itself is causing the problems, i havent tried the complete collection. i just downloaded the base game and downloaded separately some stuff packs and expansion pack.

Just wait for a mod to reply. they know their fixes and it always works. Also what is your OS?
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Re: Sims 3 stopped working

Post by jgf on Mon 27 Apr 2015, 19:15

Do you have sufficient RAM? This game gobbles it up quickly once you start adding EPs.

The best procedure for any game such as this is to install the base game and play it a while to see if all is well, then add expansions one at a time, playing each long enough to ascertain there are no issues before installing another. That way if there is a problem it is most likely with the last thing added.

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