Extreme overheating

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Extreme overheating Empty Extreme overheating

Post by seabambi on Fri 07 Aug 2015, 21:50

Hi guys, i know its usual for laptops to overheat with Sims 3, but its getting ridiculous now.. It used to overheat now and then, but now i cant even play for half an hour and i literally have ice below my laptop and it still overheats and crashes. I really dont know what to do, maybe i should uninstall some expansions or stuff packs since i have them all plus plenty of store stuff? I already put all the graphics options on the lowest and changed the frequency to 60FPS.

I dont know much about computers so im just gonna type what i know about my laptop(?)
Its an Acer, Aspire 5742G
Intel Core i5-480M
Nvidia GeForce GT 540M

if any of you find a way to make this work id be forever grateful, months ago i could play for like minimum 2h until overheating but now i cant do nothing


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Extreme overheating Empty Re: Extreme overheating

Post by Admin on Fri 07 Aug 2015, 22:20

Hi there,

Welcome to the Games4theworld Forum!
It's indeed "normal" for laptops to get hot when you do stuff that demands a lot, like playing games, or doing heavy video editing.

First of all, make sure that your laptop is using the NVIDIA card to run the game, and not the integrated GPU. (Although it should automatically use the more powerful one for playing fullscreen games)
One way to make sure you're REALLY using the powerful one, go into Device Manager and turn off the integrated GPU (temporarily). It'll then automatically use the more powerful NVIDIA card.

As for overheating, you can try using an external (special) fan that blows fresh air into the laptop's ventilation holes. (Instead of just putting ice underneath the laptop Razz )
If you've been using the laptop for a long time, the main cause if probably dust on the insides of the laptop, near the fan. Get yourself one of those high-pressure air cans and blow some air into the ventilation hole, especially near the fan. Keep in mind that a lot of dust might come out, so be prepared.

Cleaning the fans usually does the trick. If it didn't, you might have to change the cooling paste on the CPU and GPU, but those shouldn't get bad that quickly. (But it might be a good idea to put a new layer if you've been using the laptop for more than 3-4 years)
You have to take the laptop apart for that though, so if you're not sure what you're doing, it might be best to ask a friend with technical knowledge to help you.

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Extreme overheating Empty Re: Extreme overheating

Post by Narong30 on Wed 12 Aug 2015, 03:15


Personally i'll say, if you use and own a laptop more than 1 1/2 year, you better do some hardware maintenance.

Try clean debris and dust from air flow/ventilation. You need to open few hardware component to do this. 

And another thing is, re apply thermal paste at your processor. 

If you're not familiar with hardware component, I suggest you to send your laptop to the nearest laptop service center. 


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