OMG my sims 4 Finally Work!!! Hallelujah!!! [SOLVED]

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OMG my sims 4 Finally Work!!! Hallelujah!!! [SOLVED]

Post by Whiz2015 on Fri 04 Sep 2015, 21:45

OMG I'm so happy my game finally work, after week of doing all this, reading post etc mine finally work, I am so happy... well I didn't go all through with it yet but my game open without error haha I am on part create sims xd so happy I wanted to post here first xD

anyway....I did the same like before..the only different this time is ...I UPGRADED to window 10. Well my Avast premier still uninstall and I have window defender disabled + excluded the folder..I follow the step given as guide in here ...same as before but like I said only different this time I upgraded to window 10...

OMG so happy now I can play la la la .I lost my beautiful house I made coz I reinstall my games before+ but its okay all this time trying etc worth it xd

Hope some of you still strying will make it through. ( By the way my first try to do all this guide from beginning I start with my purchase game from origin since I already have it install last night...and it work fine. )

Thank you very much for everyone who trying to help me and all the guide post here, I appreciate it.

I got question that my sims 4 work..can I reinstall my avast premier back ? I really don't like the idea of it not protecting my pc, I watch lot of anime going site to site..Thank you very much.


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Re: OMG my sims 4 Finally Work!!! Hallelujah!!! [SOLVED]

Post by Sim Architect on Fri 04 Sep 2015, 22:29

Great to know you got it fixed! You can have an anti virus running, but you HAVE to exclude the folder where the game (and the crack, and the downloaded torrent) is, or it will kill it. Sad

Also, while you install it, there is a chance it catches the crack as a virus even before you have time to act up. Then, you need to to into the history of your anti virus and see which files it quarantined or removed and see if there is an option to "restore" it. If not, you can always go to my video and find an up to date download link to the crack only (or the entire game, whichever you like better).

How to Install The Sims 4 with Cool Kitchen Stuff, Spa Day and all DLCs (with torrent link)!

Problem solved, topic closed. Please, open another topic if you face any issue later on Smile

Happy simming!!!

The Sims 3 plumbob The Sims 3 plumbob

Kind regards,

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