10 things to note about upcoming updates for The Sims 4. [PLEASE READ!]

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10 things to note about upcoming updates for The Sims 4. [PLEASE READ!]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Mon 15 Feb 2016, 02:50

Hello all,

A lot of people have become curious about "delays" in the releases of Sims 4 updates, and this post will attempt to clarify a few things regarding this issue. If you are unfamiliar with how G4TW handles the issue in TS4 updates and/or are a new forum user, this post will be especially important for you.

01.) Please keep in mind that Games4theworld does not create those Sims 4 updates. Whoever does create them also has access to a legit Sims 4 base game on Origin plus all commercially-available DLC packs. I myself have a legit Sims 4 base game, but no DLC, hence neither me nor the other team members can help there unfortunately. In theory we could attempt to "replicate" the No-Origin files from RELOADED or even come up with something on our own, but that alone doesn't help if you don't have access to ALL DLC items on Origin.

02.) Games4theworld merely simplifies and repacks the available scene releases of The Sims 4. We reduce filesizes in new releases, by means of cutting out unnecessary/duplicate files whenever possible. While Games4theworld's releases are smaller in filesize than the stuff from RELOADED, keep in mind that for the G4TW releases it is necessary to install the previous packs too (as of now these are Get to Work & Get together). Instead of bigger and bigger releases each time, such as done by the scene groups, we prefer keeping filesizes as small as possible, but again, at the cost of people having to download the previous DLC packs from G4TW too.

03.) Beyond 'simply' re-packing scene releases of The Sims 4, the team of Games4theworld can confirm that those scene releases are safe to use. Moreover, the team also provides support on using those releases properly. As our experience thus far has shown, when compared to earlier Sims titles the pirated versions of The Sims 4 are extremely susceptible to anti-virus and firewall interferences. Although not all cases of anti-virus problems can be solved unfortunately (due to the wide variety in security software and the ways they work), the team of Games4theworld will assist users as best as possible in these issues. Note that the support of the team is not only restricted to pirated releases though: whether you have a legit Sims 4 game or a pirated one, you may contact Games4theworld for support, if needed. 

04.) If you need instructions on how to install a pirated Sims 4, please refer to the "overview-topic" written here. This topic basically outlines the order in which the items need to be installed, and also mentions some other general information too. This overview-thread is updated every time Games4theworld releases a new Sims 4 DLC, so make sure to check back, in order not to miss any important information ! As for the more specific instructions (how to move the actual files correctly), please see the installation guides that are included within our downloads. Should you still need support, or have any related questions, you are welcome to open a new thread in The Sims 4 Downloads Support

05.) Also note that Games4theworld is in no way related to the 'scene' groups who create these pirated updates. Therefore it is pointless to ask us about the progress of the scene's work, or prompt us to "ask the scene groups to work harder and faster". When the update has been released, we will notify you about that. You can either follow the forum regularly, follow the Facebook-page of G4TW, or sign up for the e-mail newsletters in this topic here. Do not ask us please "how to contact the people who create cracks", since we really do not know. And even if we knew, it would not be very grateful to prompt these people to "work faster". Besides, we would not give out this information about who these people are, to outsiders - for reasons of confidentiality.

06.) We do not really know why releases in The Sims 4 tend to come in irregular intervals. But as some forum users have pointed out, if the 'demand' in The Sims 4 updates is rather low, then the aforementioned scene groups will naturally focus on other projects, rather than releasing Sims 4 updates for each and every tiny DLC pack. Other users have also speculated about potential "profit-related agendas" of the scene groups, which could be another reason they refrain from cracking the game more frequently. But in the end, all of this is only speculation, and we do not really know specific reasons. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to remember that the scene groups generally "skip" smaller Sims 4 DLC updates, and focus more on bigger DLC packs. While Games4theworld could theoretically attempt to replicate the No-Origin files from RELOADED (to make them compatible with future patches of The Sims 4), this is useless because we do not have access to the legit Sims 4 games. Whoever is creating the pirated Sims 4 updates also has access to a legit Sims 4 base game on Origin as well as all commercially available DLC packs. How we know about this ? Because the only way game updates for The Sims 4 can be obtained (legally), is through Origin updates. There is no publicly available 'manual superpatch' anymore, like in The Sims 3.

07.) Note that external links to torrent, filesharing and warez sites (outside G4TW) will be censored by Moderators and Administrators of the forum. They are disallowed by rule #7 of the forum rules here. But they are also disallowed because the forum host does not like to see these things (and no, the forum host is not @Admin, but rather Forumotion). There has also been a lot of speculation about fan-made sites from scene groups, that 'announce' various game releases. Please remember that links to these sites also count as warez sites, and will be censored accordingly. Games4theworld cannot and will not take responsibility for any negative effects that can arise from using these external sites. I have made a brief post on the issue of those fan-made platforms here, if you are interested in reading it.

08.) For those of you considering to 'prematurely' buy Sims 4 DLC and then trying to add them to your pirated Sims 4, you might want to have a look at this message here. It is certainly tempting if one cannot or does not want to wait for the scene groups, but ultimately, it's not going to work. Related to that, if you are interested in reading up on the update/patch-history of the game, please refer to EA's site here

09.) Keep in mind that you should only download Games4theworld torrents from this site here, to be sure that you always get the official G4TW downloads. Remember that in theory, anybody could upload stuff "in the name" of scene groups. Since there are no official sites or channels for these scene groups (who typically, and understandably, want to avoid as much attention and publicity as possible), people can pretend to release stuff from these groups. In this context it means that not all Sims 4 releases out there may be safe. But as noted above, if you download from Games4theworld, you will always get safe downloads!

10.) Finally note that we may choose to skip releases for minor updates. One reason being less hassle for the G4TW team, the other reason being less problems for people due to not having to update their mods/CC collection as frequently, as would be the case with constantly-available updates. There are also other piracy platforms that compile updates fetched from zlOrigin, and then use older cracks on them (usually, it takes a while until 'offline' cracks are released). The general claim is that the games using these "patchwork" (no pun intended) patches, work 100%, but we have not been able to verify these claims thus far. We advise not to use these patchwork patches, and wait for official G4TW updates on these matters.

While this post should cover most of the 'ground' already, you are of course free to ask questions beyond that, should you still find anything unclear. Please post your question in The Sims 4 Downloads Support (PC) section.

Information last updated on: Wednesday, 29th of November 2017.


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