Making my own game ♥

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Making my own game ♥

Post by xKooriix on Mon 28 Mar 2016, 11:12

uhhm so I'm trying to make my own game using RPG Maker VX Ace.. Smile
and the title is Mysteries.. Smile

and I also I've released the trailer for my other game called " Trapped" it's a horror RPG game, because I love horror (even though I easily scared XD) uhhm so this is the summary:
this is the first game I created

it is about Sofia, one day she woke up in an abandoned mansion
and she doesn't remember anything on what she is,how she's came in that mansion, she only remembers her name.  She wants to remember it all, but first she must find her way out to that mansion. As she searching her way out, something strange is happening in that mansion. she hears voices, opening doors,someone is walking in an old flooring upstairs. She doesn't have a choice but to know what exactly is happening.  MANY MORE

It's not completed yet, only the first part. it might take a while to finish this. ♥
coz' I'm not really a good programmer XD just a little bit.>O<
but I hope to finish this game soon so I can share it with you guys. Smile 
Please look forward to it. ^O^


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