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ALL fulfilled individual TS4 Gallery request-items! [LIST]

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ALL fulfilled individual TS4 Gallery request-items! [LIST] Empty ALL fulfilled individual TS4 Gallery request-items! [LIST]

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sun 18 Sep 2016, 22:17

Please note: ALL individual requests for The Sims 4 Gallery items are suspended indefinitely, please read THIS HERE.

You can press CTRL + F, and then type the keywords you are searching for, to help highlight requests. 

石井先生的宅家笔记-NOCC (nadieasimsmissdd) 
118 Fulbright Street (MDianaSanders)  
12mich06 (all sims without cc) 
18 Culpepper (Heanixx)  
248 Dolphin Bay Drive
309 Hampton Way (chris2fer03)  
5x5 Home  
70s Family home (popettypop2012)  
91 Road to Nowhere
920 Medina Apartment (chips46)  
A Medieval Pub (nadieasimsmissdd) 
Alien or Angel  (audrilovesims)  
Alexander Palace (amitaliri) 
All Paintings (ElectraPotato)  
All Traits & Full Skilled (MaticHanna)  
Alpine Mountain Home (TheSimSupply) 
AmberSpring Family House  
Ambrjet (lots)  
American House (Patafoiun_40)  
American House Style (dinhaz1983)  
amitaliri (all lots)  
Amor restaurant (AndrewsArcade)  
Amy88 (Chrillsims4)  
Andrea (sim)  
Andrew Garfield Spiderman (RachelFaye1991)  
Apartment Complex
AQUA Nightclub
arcsims4 (lots)  
Arcadia Family Clinic (AndrewsArcade) 
ArgYeScallywag (lots)  
Arid Ridge
Artsy Penthouse Loft (MaxisCreator_01) 
Asian | Japanese Mansion (Kuujho) 
Asian Mountain House (Auvbri) 
Audrey Hepburn (PylonHaze)  
Avengers Age of Ultron (Mecha_Gamer)  
Avengers Tower (gemimeridge)   
Axmal Palace + Ruins (SimDels) 
Axum City + Ruins (SimDels)
Backyard Life
Bamboo (DevonBumpkin) 
Barbie Malibu Haus (Milli1807)  
Barn_Vuur - sims
Basegame + Parenthood (DevonBumpkin) 
Bella's Spa and Gym
Big Joe Stubbs (RockTwist)  
Bigwallet Island House 
Bistro YOLO (MooglePlays) 
Bloodbound Castle (DevonBumpkin) 
BlueHue (vicky1qa)  
Blue Lagoon Mall 
Blue Moon
Bohemian Penthouse (amitaliri) 
Bonsworth Estate
Bottlebrush Wharf (greenismeen - lot)  
Bowled Over Challenge (Shell) (HollieBBtv)  
Boy and Girl (reepbosma)  
Brooks (household)
Buckingham Palace (DevonBumpkin)  
BullySquadess - all households, rooms & lots  
Butterfly Effect (Jayocean)  
Cabello (immortalsimss)  
Cabin Mansion (GraySands)  
Cactus Caravan II (charly-simmer)  
Calvin Cute Teen (SimmieSweetness)  
Calypso Cave (Kaleidow) 
Camelot Court (rostrijodu)  
Camila Cabello (sims, from various creators)  
Candy Couture (AndresArcade) 
Captain Jack's Yacht (Chrillsims4)  
Casa 09  
CCCORNER (lots and rooms) 
Center Park (CyberdollYT) 
Channing Tatum (xkuuipo)  
Charming Family Home
Chen's Grill and Seafood (kavengagnon)  
Cherry Pop Karaoke (SkaoiSim) 
Chompy's Movie Park (Drutrubuilder) 
Christmas Cabin
Christmas Village (neptunegamer)  
Chuck Genzo  
Chuck Norris (Yogi-Tea)  
City Living Friends (Darksidekirito93)  
Club & Pub
Club RIO
Collins (WilmuskaH)  
Come Closer (Simslover12234) 
Contempo-lots (ruthless_kk)  
Country Estate (caitybanana) 
Cowplant (JuneRoseBlooms)  
Cozy Cottage (frostyxsimmer)  
Creepy sim  
Crescent Plaza (AndrewsArcade) 
Cute Teen chall (Karuhm)  
Damon Salvatore & Elena - sims 
Dark Wood Japanese Home (BrittanyHuynh) 
Darren Teen Boy (Karuhm)  
Das Glashaus (kleinkariert) 
Daycare (Simproved) 
Deligracy - all lots and rooms 
Deligracy - all sims  
Deligracy - update late 2016  
Devon Bumpkin (lots & rooms)
Dimissauro (all lots) 
Donald Trump  
Douglas Booth (malikasch)  
Doutzen Kroes (GiPa 1998)  
Dragon Age Inquisition - sims  
Dragonsreach (DevonBumpkin) 
Droneburger - sims 
Dunder Mifflin (Shannon5297) 
DutchSimsMaster - lots and rooms  
DutchSimsMaster - lots and rooms from September 2016.  
Elementary shcool (XavierCalvez)  
El Rojo Penthouse (AndrewsArcade)  
El Sombrero (llaorah) 
Emo Cutie Challenge (grapefanta7)  
Eternal Secret (evan0701lee) 
Euphoria (PurpleKachina) 
European City Center 02 (SimDels) 
European Town 04 (SimDels) 
Every Type of Ghost (WaywardGoomba)  
Experimental Potions (pennyb1985)  
Family Apartment (Floors 1 & 2 also the balcony) (CyberdollYT)
Family Fun
Fashion Blogger Penthouse (CCCORNER) 
Fastfood Restaurant (BlackTiggerr) 
Feliciano (hannebrenan)  
Fictitious FunFair (TheSimCache)  
Flaharthy Family (Captainragu) 
Flower Castle
Flying dream home (Simstruction)  
Food Supplies (sedmicka00)  
Friends - sims 
Friends Apartment  
Frock N' Roll
Fu-Tree_istic House
Futuristic Park (Auvbri) 
Galactic Grill and Bar (Ritpit01)  
Geoffrey Bunny (house by Deligracy)
Get Together Home Final (AndrewsArcade) 
Get Together Sims 2 (AndrewsArcade) 
Ghetto Apartments Deli R (Deligracy)  
Gilded Palace (Fischio7)  
Giant Hampton Mansion
Girls in the House (sims)  
Glamourista Apartment - room (ScorpioMLS)  
Glass Club (akemi06) 
Glass Greenhouse (Empty) (Jenn2606)
Goth manor (SimtasticBuilder)  
Gourmet Meals (headoverfeet)  
Grand Fury (Chrillsims4)  
Granite Falls Retreat & Spa  
Granny's Little House (ida_lj)  
Great Pyramid (SimDels) 
Green Arches  
Guru Pyramid + Ruins (SimDels) 
Hampton's Mansion (PleekYT)  
Handsome Hank  (shelleybm)  
Harmonic Houseboat
Harry Styles (Deligracy)  
HatsyYT - lots  
HatsyYT - update (lots from 16/10/17 to present)  
Haunted Hotel (steph0sims)  
Headless man (potatolover999)  
Heart of Wedding
Hillary Clinton  
Hobbit Hill House Copy (takito4ever) (copy of Deligracy Hobbit Hill House) 
Honey Newcomb (Isleroux)  
Horror (sim)  
Hospital of Willow Creek 
Hotel Club Party (not playable with current version) 
House on a Hill (Maiskuri) 
Hover Car House
If it's broke hardware-studio (rjhenn14, lot)  
Industrial Loft Penthouse (Loucvz) 
Industrial Penthouse (FertieSims)  
Industrial Penthouse (TheSimSupply)  
Intergalactic Raptor
Isak Yaki (pernilleslettum) 
isleroux - all sims  
itamar_netto (all lots and sims)  
It's Always Sunny Gang (household by JAWCEE) 
itsleander (all rooms and lots up to January 11th 2017)  
ivy_jie - all sims  
Jack and Elsa Frost (vsebesit)  
Japanese Cherry Blossom (UNCWalumnus) 
Japanese Garden (Imperiumromano) 
Japanese Hotsprings House (UNCWalumnus) 
Japanese Starter House (SimsOnlineCom) 
Japanese Townies (sakuraleon)   
jenn2606 (all lots/rooms/households)  
Jessica Alba (RayanTube)  
Jordan and Jared (MaxisCreator_01-sims)  
Jordan's Apartment (MaxisCreator_01) 
Justin Bieber (maudhuy)  
Kaleidow - all lots and rooms
Karlie Kloss (maimouth)  
Ken Carter (Deligracy)  
Kijiko-catfood (CC sims)  
Kijiko-catfood (No CC-challenge households)  
Krystinmyriexo (rooms)  
Lady Victoria (Heaveness680)  
Laguna Cove (SophSimss)  
La Mer at Windenburg
La Prestige (simdarkly)  
Lake Cabin (Simproved) 
Lake house
Lakeshore view (vicky1qa)  
Laney Voom  
Little Princess (mornC) 
Little Santorini (DevpnBumpkin) 
lilsimsie (lots)  
lilsimsie (rooms)  
lilsimsie (sims) 
lilsimsie - update (all lots, rooms & sims 25/1/2017 to present)  
Living The Sweet Life (sheba1197) 
loatort (lots)  
Loft steakhouse (BuiltItFilmItM)  
Lordkiribati - sims
Luxury Small Modern (Erilanya) 
Magic Treehouse (Kaleidow) 
Magnificent Palace (vandro)  
Magnolia Street Cathouse (simdarkly)  
Male Club Goers (Captainragu) 
Mannequin Body Templates (localbeekeeper)  
Marigold Round (vicky1qa)  
Marski746 (lots)  
Maxiscreator01 - households/sims  
Maxiscreator01 - lots  
MaxisCreator01 - rooms  
Maxiscreator01 - vampire-themed sims & penthouses  
Maxis Rooftop Pool House
M.E.D Hopsital (EmvySims) 
Medieval Castle (Lyysard)  
Medieval Village (DevonBumpkin) 
Mega Mouser (L4NDSL1DE)  
MessYourself April 2015 (Temasfieldt) 
Mexican Slums Updated (Mumlan)  
Mid Nowhere Farm (DanaColourful)  
Midcentury Fixed Up (airuhka)  
Mithala + Ruins (SimDels) 
MMUSEIC (lots and rooms) 
Modern Apartments  
Modern Beach Mansion  (CyberdollYT) 
Modern Family Dreamhouse
Modern Family Home II (Love9souls) 
Modern Family Mansion (AndrewsArcade) 
Modern Family Retreat
Modern Heights Penthouse (sakuraleon)  
Modern Mansion - alixparsons
Modern Mansion - Deligracy  
Modern Minecraft (Simproved) 
Modern Newcrest Luxury (edandy10)  
Modern Townhouse - Deligracy  
Modern Vogue (MSTRDG) 
Modernity (ruthless_kk) 
Monette (Household by lufsummer) 
Monochrome Mansion
Mood Drinks (Anonym2016)  
Moonlit Vampire Escape (MaxisCreator_01) 
Moscow (whatwasfeared)  
Mount Gnome-More (Zita1966)  
Mountain Village (Auvbri) 
Museum of Modern Art (Simproved) 
My Island Paradise (Kaleidow) 
My House
Myshuno Park (Daniel_SimFansDE) 
Natalio's Bar & Bistro
Nature's Ice Cream Bar (Drutrubuilder) 
Neon Lights (AndrewsArcade) 
Newcrest Public Library  
Newcrest Stadium
Newcrest Retirement Home
Newcrest university (itasan2)  
Noorhelm From SKAM (selia999) 
Oakenstead (DiNAMiCEM) 
Oasis Modern (ruthless_kk) 
Olofsson (GabySmash)  
O ' Wrath (wrathofcath)  
Old Town - Northern Europe (SimDels) 
Paddy's Pub (johnjlm) 
Paloma Picasso (angerouge24)  
Pandora 98
Pan Feo (TheSexiUnicorn)  
Paper Crane Arts Center (AndrewsArcade)  
Pink Teen Bedroom (JDarW) 
Pirate Bay (TheSimCache) 
Paris Couture
Pearljasmine (all lots and rooms)  
Peles Castle (amitaliri)  
Penthouse Build (TheSimsCache) 
Penthouse My Style (Namika92)  
Perfect Full Garden <3 (KarenNagato)  
Petales Et Vin
Pitt (ArchieSims)  
Plumbob Hospital (hirondelle09)  
Pokeneitor (lots) 
Pretty Pink Princess (koaleigh) 
Prickly Pear Plaza  (partwolfgang)  
Primrose Manor (Vixella)  
Prince Edward Mansion
Prince Edward Mansion  (snapkittycat)  
Private Resort
Pumpkin Patch Restaurant (CyberdollYT)  
purgechallenge (sims & lots)  
purplebeachmusic (sims)  
Purple Rain (AndrewsArcade)  
Putnam for MattShea (sim)  
Rapunzel's Retreat (SpecterCody)  
Red Room (abdullahmulla12)  
Renovated Factory (BloodyxMary)  
Resident Evil 7 Mansion  
Rock Pool (TheSimSupply)  
Romance Wedding Park (Zita1966) 
Rosebud Primary School (DWould)  
Salty Air BBQ (sueladysims)  
Sandy Bites (Pokeneitor)  
San Myshuno Central Park Wafl) 
San Myshuno Penthouse (leeloo86)  
Sara Underwood (kronos-eat-you)  
Scout Camp (CyberdollYT)  
See The Stars (AndrewsArcade) 
Serena Hewitt Teen - sim 
S*x & the City - sims
Sexy in red challenge (Karuhm)  
Sexy Model Couple (Ensorcella)  
Sexy Lindas  
Shakas Rock (Zita1966) 
shelleybm - all sims  
shelostcontrol8 - sims 
Shimuzu (MaxisCreator_01) 
Shipwrecked (Zita1966) 
SimGuru Sims
SimGuruAzure (households) 
SimGuruHydra (households) 
SimGuruJill (households) 
SimGuruLyndsay (households) 
SimGuruZephyr (households) 
SimmerLifeEmily - lots  
Simple Park
Simplicity Starter (samesm01)  
Simproved - lots 
Sims University (make2tv)  
Sisters (smithmj123)  
SKAM (Work In Progress) (spacecatunic0rn) 
Skaoisim (lots)  
Skyfly Gym & Spa (EmvySims) 
Skyview-Gallery (simdarkly)  
Slum Living (Cerimonster)  
Slums (abnegacja)  
Small Island Home (Sophsimss) 
SophSimss - update (all lots & rooms from 16/10/17 to present)  
SophSimss - all lots and rooms
Small market of Newcrest (DWould)  
Spacious Penthouse (TheSimSupply)  
Spencer's Start Up
Spice Factory Lanes (BelleDaisies)  
Split Level House 2.0
Starbucks (Simproved) 
Stargazer Lounge 2.0 (erisema)  
Starter de Heidi et Paul (wondercarlotta8)  
Starter Restaurant
StarWarsSims (households)  
Stefan Salvatore tvd - sim
Steampunk Manor (DevonBumpkin) 
Steph0sims - lots and rooms 
Stone Gem Modern (samesm01) 
Store Window Romance (TheLonnykins) 
Strangetown (sims & lots)
Studio 22B - The Dating Game (SimDoughnut) 
Suburban Dream House
Suburban House (ashleylanese911)  
Sung (Zaicy15)  
SunnyBeach StrandParadies
Sunset Lane (Pokeneitor)  
Sushi Kappo Oyashiro   
Swans Rest (Cevans1962) 
Sweet Georgia's Bakery
Tammy Nunes  (Fantaflip)  
Taylor Swift's Mansion (HatsyYT)  
Teen Wannabe Musician - sim 
Teenage Boy Bedroom 2 (jo2333) 
Terrace Resort Apartments (amitaliri) 
The Barbie Dreamhouse  
The Blue Opal (seafood) (Jenn2606) 
The Blue Teapot (Zita1966) 
The Carnival
The Cullen (DevonBumpkin) 
The Fairy Hideout
The First Lady (Emsky_96)
The Gold Lake Manor
The Island (Simproved)  
The Lady's butler (Heaveness680)  
The Zen Library 
TheGreatSimphony - all lots and rooms
thesimified - lots
The Belting Lama (kavengagnon)  
The Breakfast House (kavengagnon)  
The McKinley (SkaoiSim)  
The Office Pt 1 (p0werbottom) 
The Old Salt market (Pokeneitor)  
thetideschanging (rooms)  
The White House (ehaught58)  
TheRealSellaSu (all creations)  
Thika Waterfall (SimDels) 
Tinashe (LivelyLex) 
Tinkerbell's Treehouse (qtchin) 
Titanium Power Penthouse (TheVellure)  
tokulee (lots)  
Trailer Park Sa Moha (SimBellchen)  
Tsar (household by simsister) 
Tudor House (AndrewsArcade)  
Tudor Mansion
tuggables (sims)  
Turbo career lots
Tuscan Vineyard
Tween Boy Room (RethaSim) 
Twins LP House Sep Update
Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark (qtchin) 
Uakta Starter (SimDels) 
Ulrick7 - lots 
Underground House (SophSimss) 
Underwater House (Auvbri) 
Urban Garden (steph0sims)  
USBachelorette (ianmbell1)  
Vernon & Gladys Morse  
Victoria89 (Chrillsims4)  
Victoria Cute Teen (SimmieSweetness)  
Victorian Royalty (PurplePaca) 
Villa Alba (urabal22) 
Villa De Amor (AndrewsArcade) 
Villa Perle
Vintage Glamour Starter (Frimlin)  
Virtuous Vampires (MaxisCreator01)  
Vampire v2 (nuxy88)  
VEG (Restaurant) (Sophsimss) 
Vintage Factory (TheSimSupply)  
VG Apartment (Floor 1/2 and 2/2) (CyberdollYT)
Voidcritters (kenzo103)  
Voidcritter Ventures (AndrewsArcade) 
Vogue House (TART4CUS) 
Wade Wilson 'Deadpool' (NaimaZiur)  
Walking Dead Characters
Walking Dead Prison
Waterford House  (SophSimss) 
Wedding Reception  
Weird Al Yankovic  (Zoda80)  
WeslleyLuzzi Lots (all lots by WeslleyLuzzi) 
WeslleyLuzzi Rooms (all rooms by WeslleyLuzzi) 
White Marble Mansion  (oz7730) 
Whoville (DevonBumpkin) 
WildMiniSandwich - sims selection  
Windenburg 6 
Wooden Design House  
WTF (actionoliver)  
XETA (Caybubb)  
Yandere Chan (vltor87)  
Yellow Stone (vicky1qa)  
Youtube - Papaya Home 3 (AndrewsArcade) 
YouTube/Streamer-studio (TheSimSupply)

"Under sun and sky, we greet you warmly"

ALL fulfilled individual TS4 Gallery request-items! [LIST] Bn60syW to Games4theworld

ALL fulfilled individual TS4 Gallery request-items! [LIST] 20181110

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