ZLClient Continues to Crash..

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ZLClient Continues to Crash..

Post by Vivid1995 on Sun 14 May 2017, 23:18

I know there is a website to ask about this issue, but Ive gone to it and it's like just a messenger sort of setting. But honestly for a while it was fine earlier today and now it wont stop crashing and I cant play Sims 4 because it wont work offline, constantly telling me to do an update or something but Im like what update?? I cant even use the ZLClient to get ZLOrigin to work, and then sometimes i get a message that its outdated, refers to a site that is no longer a site domain. So my question is, is there some maintenance going on or are the servers down? =/ I'll check back in an hour or so, need to take a nap.


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