Fix for endless household loading/Error Code 3/Game starts unexpectedly in Spanish. [VERSION]

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Fix for endless household loading/Error Code 3/Game starts unexpectedly in Spanish. [VERSION] Empty Fix for endless household loading/Error Code 3/Game starts unexpectedly in Spanish. [VERSION]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Tue 16 May 2017, 21:17

Hello all!

Are you getting any (or all?) of these problems in the game?

Arrow  You get an Error Code 3, at some point in-game

Arrow  Your The Sims 4 game starts up in a different language (than the one you used to play in)

Arrow  When loading a household, the loading screen never ends

Arrow  Or, if you try loading a household, you get thrown back into CAS

Arrow  When starting a fresh savefile and loading into a neighborhood, you have 0 funds (normally you should get 20,000 Simoleons so that your sim can move in someplace).

Arrow  If you get the glitch with 0 funds, and you try bypassing it with the cheat freerealestate on, it still won't help.

If so, there are a number of ways you can get around it.

1) One way of dealing with this:

Look at the guide here, and in particular from step #7 onwards (the step after applying the Toddlers-update):

Follow the guide carefully until the end (and install all available DLC), and you should be able to play your game just fine.

2) A second way of dealing with this:

Since a lot of people forget to rename the "Game"-folder after installing the G4TW Toddlers-update, you could theoretically apply the fix at the very end as well (a.k.a. after installing ALL of the available G4TW The Sims 4 torrents/updates), provided you always download a fresh "Game"-folder from one of the download links at the end of this tutorial. Now, after you installed all the G4TW The Sims 4 torrents, go to where you installed The Sims 4 to. Typically that is the folder under C:\Program files (x86)\The Sims 4\Game

At first, change your existing Game-folder to Game_. Your folder will then look like this.

Fix for endless household loading/Error Code 3/Game starts unexpectedly in Spanish. [VERSION] Screen11

Now you have to simply copy the "fixed" Game-folder from one of the download links below, into your The Sims 4 installation. After which your folder will look as follows.

Fix for endless household loading/Error Code 3/Game starts unexpectedly in Spanish. [VERSION] Screen12

The most current version of the fix is

Arrow  Download link   (Mirror 1 - Mirror 2)

After you placed this fresh Game-folder, simply go inside, then under Bin, and start the game with your TS4.exe or TS4_x64.exe (the latter, in case you have a 64-bit operating system). I noticed the game now takes a bit longer to start up, but by this method I was able to load my old savefile.

Good luck for the time being! Smile  (note that the above download link ALWAYS contains the "Game"-folder for the most recent DLC/patch; if you need folders for earlier DLC/patch versions, look below under 4).

Note that this fix also helps, if your No-Origin files are being purged by Windows Defender or any other "security software". Of course, you will need to add the necessary exclusions first, before you can safely apply that "Game"-folder.

3) ...and a third way of dealing with this:

Sometimes cache files and/or corrupted savefiles can come in the way and cause the issue as well, despite you having applied a "fixed Game folder" (many thanks to user @Jessica_Revolver for hinting at this possibility!). You can try renaming your folder "The Sims 4" under Documents\Electronic Arts, into anything. Then start up The Sims 4, and see if it lets you load up a household. If a fixed Game-folder was applied (correctly), it should.

You can then take the subfolder "saves" from your old/renamed "The Sims 4" and then transfer it to the folder The Sims 4, that was freshly created. Now start up the game and see what happens.

Does the game let you load into a household? If yes, then you can continue playing, or even transferring back mods/CC from your renamed "The Sims 4" folder.

Does the issue persist? If so, then the issue may be a broken savefile, and you have to consider starting a new game. It's worth noting in this context that savefile corruption appears to be a frequently-observed issue in The Sims 4, so we recommend that you back up your savefiles regularly. So make a backup of the folder Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves.

4) Older "Game"-folders:

Should you need "Game"-folders for previous TS4 torrents, have a look below. As usual, please rename or delete your old "Game"-folder, before applying these fixes. These fixes assume you have installed only "up to" certain previous torrents (as laid out here).

Arrow  Toddlers, Vampires, Bowling Stuff: (version

Arrow  Parenthood (for simplicity, this link includes the entire "follow up patch"):    

Arrow  Fitness Stuff: (version

Arrow  Toddlers Stuff: (version

Arrow  Cats and Dogs: (version!!!, in case you decided not use the "follow up patch" for Cats & Dogs

Arrow  Laundry Day Stuff: (

Arrow  Jungle Adventure: (

Arrow  My First Pet Stuff: (version!!!, in case you decided not to use the "follow up patch"

Arrow  Seasons: (version!!!, in the event that you did NOT use the "follow up patch"

Arrow Get Famous (version

5) "Credits"

And a (very) special thanks goes to former Moderator @Shamrock, whose unique mixture of smugness, arrogance and stupidity when posting the Toddlers/Vampres/Bowling repack has made this "endless loading fix" necessary in the first place, and necessary to be implemented in all future updates of The Sims 4 as well!

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Fix for endless household loading/Error Code 3/Game starts unexpectedly in Spanish. [VERSION] Z0WyBuR

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