The Sims 4 Makes my Pc get really hot

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The Sims 4 Makes my Pc get really hot Empty The Sims 4 Makes my Pc get really hot

Post by Blossommm on Fri 23 Jun 2017, 22:56

Hi , 

So since i downloaded the sim 4 with all the packs etc.My pc will get very hot even tho i will turn my settings to the lowest ones and i will merge all my cc.I don't know what else to do!Can anyone plz Help? Haters gonna hate

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The Sims 4 Makes my Pc get really hot Empty Re: The Sims 4 Makes my Pc get really hot

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sat 24 Jun 2017, 09:02


Welcome to the Forum.
I've moved your topic to this section. Wasn't sure where it would fit in best, but decided on this one, in the end.

I assume you have the same problem with other heavier games? Assuming you play any. Are you on a laptop, or desktop computer? What you need to do next, depends heavily on the answer to that question.

With a laptop, you need to make sure the ventilation openings are unobstructed at all times during use. If you place it on your lap or a hard surface, the heat has nowhere to go. That's not really a problem when you browse or listen to music, but it will generate much more heat when you're in-game. There are laptop tables designed especially to ensure good ventilation, some even have a built-in fan. But if you don't want/can't go out and get one now, you can use something else to elevate it from the surface a little, as long as the underside remains uncovered. 

On a desktop, you may want to open it up and remove some dust. Unplug everything (most importantly the powercable) and press the on/off button a couple of times, then open one side of the case. Which side depends, but you want to open it on the side that does not have the motherboard, so you can look inside and see the hardware. You're probably going to need a screwdriver to remove the panel, but it's also possible there's a button of some sort. It's probably best at this point to put the desktop on a table or another surface that'll let you sit or stand comfortably, and you need good light. 
Have a vacuumcleaner handy and some (clean and dry) cotton swabs. Never use anything made of metal near your hardware! Most desktop computers need to be dusted once or twice a year at least. Use the cotton swab to (carefully!) wipe dust off your fans and keep the vacuumcleaner running and near so you can suck that dust right up. 
Alternatively, you can use compressed air to remove the dust, but you'll still have to be careful and the dust will be flying around.
Remove as much dust as you can, but be careful! It doesn't have to become squeaky clean. 
Have a look at your CPU as well. There's (usually) a fan on it, but behind that fan, lots of dust can accumulate as well.

If you computer isn't that dusty, or this doesn't help, let us know.

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The Sims 4 Makes my Pc get really hot Btn_donate_LG to Games4theworld

The Sims 4 Makes my Pc get really hot 20181110

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