How to play The Sims 2 offline on ZLOrigin.

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How to play The Sims 2 offline on ZLOrigin.

Post by Tarac on Wed 26 Jul 2017, 13:35

With ZLOrigin you can download The Sims 2 complete collection.  
Nice, but you can't play it because it comes up with the error message that the license limit is reached.

Simple solution:
Extract with Winrar
Open the install folder of the Sims 2 (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection)
Open the folder Fun With Pets
Open the folder SP9
Open the folder TSBin
Copy the newly downloaded file into the folder TSBin, overwriting the existing file.

Now you can play the game without the need to login to ZLOrigin. You can play the game off-line.

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- The_gh0stm4n

Disclaimer: the download link(s) in this tutorial can be accessed by (temporarily) disabling your browser adblockers. For more information on the topic, please see this commentary here
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