"Sims 4 has stopped working?"

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"Sims 4 has stopped working?"

Post by Dpleasant on Fri 11 Aug 2017, 03:52

Hey all!
I've already read the countless post on this issue but none of the solutions seem to be helping. After downloading toddlers/vampires, parenthood and fitness stuff, my game will no longer run. The game will open but immediately give the error "Sims 4 has stopped working, Windows is looking for a solution." Then it closes.
 I've changed the "game" folder, moved the entire Sims 4 file from >program files(86x) to >program files, checked that my drivers are up to date, deleted my mods and cache files. And even completely re-downloaded the ENTIRE collection. 
I'm a ta loss on what to do next! Why.


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Re: "Sims 4 has stopped working?"

Post by Tarac on Fri 11 Aug 2017, 19:01

Try this:
1. Download This new game folder, extract with Winrar and copy the new folder Game to your installfolder AFTER you have deleted the existing folder Game.
2. Download a blank The Sims 4 folder folder, again extract with Winrar, rename your existing folder The Sims 4 in Documents\Electronuic Arts\The Sims 4 to The Sims 4_old and replace it with the downloaded folder.

It should be working now although your game now is in Dutch.
Change the language in the file RldOrigin.ini that can be found in your installfolder\The Sims4\Game\Bin
from nl_NL to your desired language
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