I can't authorize to ZLOrigin

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I can't authorize to ZLOrigin

Post by haneure on Sun 05 Nov 2017, 10:15

i wan't to play the BF 4, not the sims, that's why i post it here [i'm on Windows 8.1 Pro]

first, i can login to ZClient, but i noticed something different, when i try to connect, i simply just receive this information
on other side, i watched a video of somone who tries to connect, and it shows this notification :

that kind of notification doesn't shows on mine. Is that a problem ?

and that lead me into this situation

when i try to open ZLOrigin it didn't authorize in automatically.

sorry for the long explanation, i hope someone can help me solving this problem i have.

Mod edit: moved to "Gamerlounge", since this is not related to any G4TW (non-Sims) release. Third screenshot modified to remove personal information.

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