Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

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Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

Post by DaveNewby on Sun 19 Nov 2017, 18:53

Thanks Ghostman,
Your pointer to the 2.5 toolkit resolved the same problem for me after I upgraded to Windows 10.
I know this is nothing to do with this Forum, but you might happen to know about this.
I am wondering could you point me in the right direction to anyone who could offer me advice on what type of Mobile Phone Signal Booster to buy?  

I live in rural Ireland, with a very poor 3G phone signal… which gets approx. 2 bars outside the house, but between 0 and 1 bars indoors.  I am hoping to be able to boost the signal so we could reliably use mobile phones in the house.  Our internet is extremely slow as well... 3Mbps (deteriorating to .2 sometimes) and not stable enough to run a Vodafone Suresignal.

Best Wishes,

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