Sims 4 crashes when I load the game (white screen)

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Sims 4 crashes when I load the game (white screen)

Post by allyxx101 on Wed 03 Jan 2018, 10:56

I have a high spec gaming laptop which is powerful enough to handle and run the game. (NOTE: I have installed all the Ep's and Sp's with an exception of the catz and dogz SP.) But the loading times are ridiculous and I'm wondering whether there is anything I can do to get it working. I was able to create my sims and move them to a house but when I play the house, it loads forever and this is my first time installing it.

On my other laptop, the game opens up and loads a few seconds but it soon turns to a white screen. I open up task manager which informs me the game is not responding. I wonder why the game is crashing.

Could anyone help me out? I'm really not happy about this  WhatDidUJustCallMe? Why.

(System information for my other laptop)


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