Sims 4: No Moving in households?

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Sims 4: No Moving in households?

Post by ebflover777 on Sat 10 Feb 2018, 03:51

Yes, I followed the guide to a T
Yes, I had the infinite loading screen so renamed "game_" to "Game"
Yes, I have all the packs and updates that were released here
I spent hours painstakingly making a Sim, and when I went to move her in
No Sim was to be seen in the bottom left corner.
Just white
It said I was moving her in, but she wasn't there
None of the lots had families or names or traits
It said it cost 0 simoleons
It said my Sim had 0 simoleons, too
I got her from the Gallery(I saved her) and she appeared as a Llama in a box. I tried to move her in, and my game crashed.
It took me a day to torrent everything
It took 4 hours to install everything
I really do NOT want to reinstall everything but if it's my only choice, I will.
I've already moved my mods folder out and moved out my Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 Folder
Neither of those helped


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Re: Sims 4: No Moving in households?

Post by Tarac on Sat 10 Feb 2018, 12:01

I don't know till how far you have installed the DLC's.

1. Go to your Game\Bin folder and open the file RldOrigin.ini with f.e. notepad
2. Note the number behind CNT=
3. Delete both folders Game and Game_ from your install folder
4. Download the latest Game folder from
5. Extract folder with Winrar, open Game\Bin and RldOrigin.ini
6. In RldOrigin.ini amend CNT= to the number you noted at #2 above, save file
7. Copy the new folder Game to your install folder
8. Start game first time as an Administrator
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