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The Sims 4 Language String files! [VERSION]

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The Sims 4 Language String files! [VERSION] Empty The Sims 4 Language String files! [VERSION]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sat 17 Mar 2018, 00:47

*Dislcaimer* this guide is mainly intended for users who are playing with the Origin & ZLOrigin versions of The Sims 4, as well as those people who are downloading TS4 repacks from other uploaders than G4TW (as non-G4TW repacks tend to contain only one display language, usually English or Russian, as opposed to G4TW's default 18 languages)!


Since the Origin & ZLOrigin versions of The Sims 4 by default only contain one display language (namely, the one that has been chosen during the initial setup), you can find yourself in a slight predicament if you desire to use a different in-game display language. 

This guide is not relevant for people using the 'classical' cracked version of The Sims 4, as these repacks - like on G4TW - oftentimes already contain all 18 language versions, and switching languages in these cracked versions is easy.

In Origin & ZLOrigin however, things are more tricky. The way one has to go about it, as exemplified on ZLOrigin, is to go under the Game Properties of The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 Language String files! [VERSION] Screen29

And under "Game language" choose the new language that you desire to play the game in. Now, after you choose that new language and click "OK", the entire game installation will be verified, before the new language strings are eventually downloaded and installed. A very tedious process; in my own case, fetching just one language 'cost' nearly 10 minutes. So what users of Origin & ZLOrigin can otherwise try, is this here.

1) Download the latest available Language String Files here. Extract with 7-zip (preferably), and then copy/paste all folders over your TS4-installation on Origin or ZLOrigin. When prompted, please choose to replace all existing files as well.

Arrow  Language Strings for (cloud.mail.ru)    

Arrow  Legacy Edition Patch Language Strings    (if you got your Legacy Edition Patch from another repacker than G4TW, and it happens to contain only one in-game display language, you can apply this download to get all 17 in-game languages!)

2) Then you should also change the language of the game in the registry, *IF AND ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO ALREADY EARLIER*. Use the small download here.

Extract again with WinRAR, double-click on the file with your desired language, ignore the warnings, and confirm the import of the registry entries. Important note: you only need to download (& import) these registry files once. If you already downloaded these registry files in the past there there is a new update, you do NOT need to re-download from this link again. Just grab the string files under #1 above. 

Then you should be fine! Good luck - and be sure to check back in this thread for future versions of the Language Files.
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