cats and dogs "not installed"

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cats and dogs "not installed"

Post by Vynuxys on Tue 03 Apr 2018, 00:09

so i decided to update my game today - previously i had it updated until cats & dogs and it worked just fine.

today i did the other 3 updates (laundry day, jungle, first pet) + the general update. when i launched the game, it connected to the internet and gave me a notification saying the first pet pack won't work because i don't have cats and dogs. cats and dogs does show up under expansions in the main menu, but when i click it the game tells me to connect to wifi so it can download it. also, all neighbourhoods load except for brindleton bay.

so.. what do i do?? i followed the instructions in the updates so idk why this is happening

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Re: cats and dogs "not installed"

Post by Tarac on Tue 03 Apr 2018, 11:15

It looks like you have to re-install Cats & Dogs, Laundry, Jungle and First Pet.
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