Loading Glitch in Jungle

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Loading Glitch in Jungle

Post by absinthexiii on Tue 03 Apr 2018, 20:18

I get an endless loading loop... HOWEVER, it is ONLY when going from somewhere(usually the rented location) to the bar with the market, within the Jungle expansion.

Yes, I have tried the game_ fix
As well as emptying the caches and all the "my documents" files the sims puts in, so that they repopulate fresh.

The game_ fix worked temporarily.  I figured I had it licked, as it allowed me to load my game (I had the endless loop to the market, forced closed without saving, then couldn't load from main menu without an endless loop there).  So I went and did an entire temple, spent a few days, and multiple load screens there, all was well.  Pushed my sim a little far and she was sick, so figured I would go to the market to try and get some antidote for her.

Upon trying to go back to the market, the endless loading screen when trying to go there, returned.  



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