Selling pets is impossible - here's why

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Selling pets is impossible - here's why

Post by Karina on Mon 14 May 2018, 04:39

Okay, it seems there's an unusual bug in the game where you hire a service, sell a pet, and I chose my kitten "Sprinkles", the adoption service came to collect the cat, and then the Sim gets stuck in an endless loop of trying to collect the animal, but failing. The service never ends and the adoption service never leaves, and neither does your pet. I have tried resetsim on both the adoption girl and the kitten, but to no avail. There seems to be similar topics of people on the EA forums of having issues with adoption services never leaving, or even leaving behind pet carriers, but it seems the issue is never resolved. Since I downloaded the game from here, and the community is active, I might get a little help from here instead.
My Sim lives in an apartment. I have noticed quite a lot of stupid things happening actually. Cats for example being unable to find a pathway home and saying something is in the way, which I assume is because it was from here, perhaps?

On an unrelated note, I don't know if this happens in the legitimate game but there can occur a moment where your Sim simply bugs out and fails to do an action and gets stuck for about one sim hour. Just a little annoyance, but not unplayable. Could be just my hard drive trying to load animations or textures, but unlikely.

I hope I posted enough information for any of you to help me out.

Thank you,



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