Call to action in left upper corner ?

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Call to action in left upper corner ?

Post by Coolz on Sun 20 May 2018, 02:02

Since the latest update I get a tut in the upper left hand corner of my game ..
Call to action
1 to 7

Never goes away no matter what I do ..

Yes I've turned on tutorials and let that run to see if that worked  ,, but nope ..
Is there a command or something ???

Oh and one other thing that has been bothering me for a while now ,, ever since I got this game ( u know back in the RLD days ) ,, I have never been
able to take a shower or woohoo on a bed ,, woohoo anywhere actually ,, well I can in the bush .. when I get to the bed or shower they just freeze ,, yes
no sleeping or showers ,, and no woohoo ...
I know its an oddball glitch that I cant figure out .. even without mods it does it ..
Yes I have the original R.G. Mechanics file of sims 4 ,, but the nice people here have replaced that long ago ..
Any Clues ???


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