Lovelorn buff bug

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Lovelorn buff bug

Post by Exannger on Mon 02 Jul 2018, 05:39

Hey guys since I updated to seasons I keep getting lovelorn tense +1 trait buff like that if my sim has a romantic trait but it doesnt and also I didnt cheated or I didnt got into cas to change it or something, I remember I created it with some traits: Active, Hot headed, Neat. And after starting playing I keep getting this buff: Lovelorn that it gives me tense +1 from a trait that he didnt had ever so I can't find a solution to this is quite annoying. 

Same to this: (other guy with the same bug) 

Also it happens to me with other sim that I downloaded it and it had 2 traits only so I changed them in the cas before start playing with him, and it seems like that if had I changed them with a cheat but I didnt so now I keep getting the those tense buff traits.
Could anyone help me to fix this? 

I dont use cheats neither motherlode to start so if this time I have to use a cheat to fix this bug I can do an exception.


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