Spawner Delight (5 lots!).

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Spawner Delight (5 lots!).

Post by zobat78 on Mon 03 Dec 2012, 10:27

Hi!!! Ever wanted every single spawner in one place so that you can get the objects you want easily(e.g. For alchemy)? Then these are the lots for you!
Download all 5 Spawner Delight (Set) at once here

Introducing the 1st lot: Spawner Delight!
Includes all fish/gem/metal/seed spawners (except World-Adventures' spawners and Pets spawners) + blueprint's bathroom

  • It's a 60x60 lot
  • Based off 15 Summer Hill Court in Sunset Valley (Up on the hill)
  • Should there be new spawners, I will update it
  • All furniture/trees/plants are from Base Game
  • Most spawners are from base game, however it also includes Late Night, supernatural and seasons spawners

Best used with Late Night, Supernatural and Seasons expansion packs installed...However
still workable with Base Game only, the Late Night, Supernatural and Seasons spawner will not be able to show up that's all.


  • Spawner's Delight file size: 1.54 MB
  • WinRAR (The one you'll be downloading) file size: 615 kB

Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool

Now for another 3 lots
As you know...World-Adventures' spawner will only work in their specific
Introducing Egypt's/China's/France's Spawners Delight!!!
3 different lots with world-specific spawners!!! + blueprint's bathroom

  • All three lots are 40x30 lot
  • Requires World-Adventures expansion pack only
  • World-specific, eg Egypt will only work in Egypt (If not spawners won't work so place them at the right place)
  • Egypt's Spawner Delight based off 75 South Riverway in Egypt (Next to River)
  • China's Spawner Delight based off 30 East Ancestor Hills in China (Up a hill)
  • France's Spawner Delight based off 15 Primrose Road in France (Outskirt Area)




  • Egypt's Spawner Delight file size: 801kB
  • China's Spawner Delight file size: 1.17MB
  • France's Spawner Delight file size: 864kB
  • All 3 Spawner Delight in one WinRAR (The one you'll be downloading) file size: 2.08MB

Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool

Finally the last of the Spawner Delight Set is: Pet's Spawner Delight
All of the mini-pets spawners in one lot.
However, besides spawners it has a building with all mini-pets in their cages and a little cat/dog/horse area too!

  • It's a 60x60 lot
  • It's based off 20 Summer Hill Court in Sunset Valley (Up the hill)
  • Requires Pets expansion pack
  • Do note that in the building, the cages contains all the mini-pets so if you do not want to catch them, you can just take them from the cage itself


  • Pet's Spawner Delight file size: 2.23 MB
  • WinRAR file (The one you'll be downloading) file size: 1.48 MB

More pics of the Spawner Delight set look here

Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool

  • NO custom or store contents for every single lot
  • Mods used: All of Nraas Mods found here:   (Professional mods so it should not interfere with lots)
  • My game patch version: 1.42 latest
  • Do note that all spawners require 3-4 sim days after lot is placed to start spawning stuff (Game issue)

Have Fun The Sims 3 plumbob
If there is any building error please comment below  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Mod edit: Link fixed.

- Carlos
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