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Post by Auntie Bella on Sat 08 Dec 2012, 01:24

Hi there!

Warning: This contrains default skins and eyes - meaning that if you already are using default skin and eyes for Sims, remove them or don't download this lot!!

.....or it simply means that the sim will look a little bit different in your game than the picture, if you don't have these installed....

I saw a guide on something similar to what I wanted in my game and I had to give a try and I succed, so now I want to share this with you!  bounce bounce bounce
...no, it's not a new brand of tea....

I wanted a special place for sims, that wanted to hide from the outside world, wheter if they wanted peace or they wanted to hide their true nature or their hideous look caused by a curse.
No matter what the reason, I created such a place for them, where no sim would dream of living, since they all are civilised or something.

Meet Elena Micheals - my testsubject for this lot.
Please don't tease her or make fun of her, since she is cursed and becomes a Werewolf, whenever nature takes control over her.
She is a novice at being one and this is the reason for her seeking a santuary for herself and taking such a high risk of being my testsubject.
She doesn't believe life holds any more joy for her after she's been cursed and she's only an young adult!

You could prove her right by evicting her and send her away or prove her wrong by taking care of her and showing her the wonders of life.
That's your choice to make.
Just remember that Paradise comes with a price and isn't cheap!
(Meaning that the lot is expensive - 130.000 without her.)

The trick is to combine two households and evict her, if you don't want to control her or have her in your household.

I have used a default skin from teru_k at MTS2 - http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=475132
I have used  a default eyes from Pavic at MTS2 - http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=460365

A big thank you to both creators for these wonderfull things!

The Lot is a 50x50 size and holds a hidden home, that haves 3 levels underground, waterfall with pond and live fish and pool to swin in.
1 level of the home is ready for use for a little family and the 2 other levels empty but functionally and ready to be filled with items of your choice.

The Lot is Season ready, meaning that some things like insects, flowers and minor wild pets only appears in Spring and Summer time.
That includes the Beehives from Supernatural, since they don't go dorment like the Garden.
I have only used half of the Lot and left space for you to fill out with things you'll like to have.

I have all the Expansion and Extra Packages and all the Store Items  - however I only use some of them, mainly the Once upon a time and some others, I don't recall where from.
Link to Store Items provide from G4TW to you - http://www.games4theworlddownloads.org

This is my first ever shared creation.

Frontside of the lot

Backside of the lot

Topview of the lot

Leftside of the lot

Rightside of the lot

Closer look at the top of the lot

First floor of the lot - inside

First Floor - Bedroom

First Floor - Hallway

First Floor - Bathroom

First Floor - Kitchen area

First Floor - Fireplace

First Floor - Livingroom

Second Floor - Empty - Sleeping areas ?

Third Floor - Skilling areas with bathrooms - just in case?

Sorry for the bad quality of the video.

Please be aware of this!!
You could get them when you download the lot

The list over the mods I'm using:

Store Fixes - http://www.games4theworlddownloads.org/ts3/storefixes.html

NRAAS -  http://nraas.wikispaces.com/


Bluegenjutsu - http://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/forum/47-mods-sims-3/


Shrimrod - http://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/forum/222-ts3-mods/

ShimrodsDMTR NoJammingWishes139
ShimrodsDMTR NoPillowFightWishes139
ShimrodsDMTR NoSimportWishes139
ShimrodsFestivalTicketRewardsAvailable InMoreSeasons142

Twoftmama - http://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/forum/81-mods-ts3/

Twoftmama 16 Interaction Queue Limit
Twoftmama Better Bake Sale Table v3
Twoftmama Better Meals
Twoftmama Dont Eat My Plants v2
Twoftmama Eating Cooking Portions v2
Twoftmama Faster Learn To Drive
Twoftmama Faster Vacation Home v2
Twoftmama Giant CAS Money Increase Mod v4
Twoftmama Gnomes Can't Use Objects v3
Twoftmama Nectar Value Per Level
Twoftmama No Pets On The Subway
Twoftmama No Reacting To Ghosts v4
Twoftmama No Reacting To Simbots v4
Twoftmama No Spoil Food 60 Days v3
Twoftmama Plantastic Gardening Mod Flavor 5 v7
Twoftmama Sponge Baths Unlocked v2

Velocitygrass - http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=471164


A big thank you to all the awesome modders for making my sims life a little more smooth and worth playing.

I'm so sorry for the long list of mods, but I can't live without them and I don't have the Cleaninstaller thingy to remove them, so you guys don't  get them in the download.
I haven't used any of the make-up CC that I have, so I guess it shouldn't come with this lot, however if you do get some, please tell me, so I can thank and link to the creators of them.
(Did I see a facepalm there?)

So if you dare to use this lot and sim after reading all this, here is my private link to it: https://goo.gl/L1zZUs

And here is where I got the Idea and some turtorial on how to build it.

A big thank you to Simsample for showing how to do it.

Admin edit: download link fixed.


Mod edit: update on 17-02-2015; download link fixed again & links to old MediaFire account redirected to new download server. Very Happy 

- Carlos
Auntie Bella
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Re: Hide'n'Seek.

Post by ?CanI? on Sat 08 Dec 2012, 01:52

Hi Auntie,

This lot is AMAZING, i thought it's a community lot. haha Nice one auntie i should give you 1 year supply of cappuccino haha thanks auntie

?CanI? greet you with respect Cool 

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Re: Hide'n'Seek.

Post by Auntie Bella on Sat 08 Dec 2012, 01:59

@?CanI? wrote:Hi Auntie,

This lot is AMAZING, i thought it's a community lot. haha Nice one auntie i should give you 1 year supply of cappuccino haha thanks auntie

Thank you so much for your kind words. Very Happy
But it is indeed a home, though I have been thinking about making a similar community lot, stuffed with little secrets.
So many ideas and not enough coffee... Laughing
Uuuuh, coffee - no better yet cappuccino!

Coffee is chintastisc!

Auntie Bella
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Re: Hide'n'Seek.

Post by deblake60 on Fri 01 Mar 2013, 06:42

Auntie, looks awesome and I really wanted to try it. The mediafire link didn't take me to the download, only to the homepage.
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