sims 3 freezes at the EA logo, same place every time

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sims 3 freezes at the EA logo, same place every time

Post by mattgravy on Sat 19 Jan 2013, 02:22

i have all the sims 3 games up to pets including item packs which i got from here

it originally started with sims 3 pets freezing
half way through the ea logo, under task management it says its not
responding and it will only stop when i go on end task. i have decided
to uninstall all expansions and only installed the base game which
didn't solve it

i didn't have any mods installed before this

this is what i have a done so far

updated/ used an earlier update

deleted the cache files

tried running as admin

uninstalled everything including content from the exchange

done a manual uninstall (includes downloadable content)

done a virus scan, cc cleaner and disk defrag nothing turns up

clean boot

end background tasks

deleted temporary files

updated my drive

disabled UAC

uninstall/reinstall and updated origin

disabled the Origin in-game overlay feature

bypassed launcher

used a different disc (since i didn't reinstall the expansions)

disk drive reads everything else

temporary turned off fire wall and bt net protect

used a no cd crack
installed a mod to skip ea logo and intro which resulted as a black screen

aswell as everything from this page

i hadn't installed or uninstalled anything from the time it worked
to the time it stopped working and i am the only one who uses this

i have had the game installed since i got my computer 2 years ago and it worked fine

sims 3 forums are pretty much dead and i have given up with ea after them repeating things i said, i have done and then told me to use the self help page on their site

also should i post a dxdiag report ?


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