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    Fri 13 May 2016, 06:37
    Message by ruisuki - RUISUKI
    So I just started another file back up again, its been a while since I did so its been a bit jarring reacquainting myself with the game. I have a few questions hoping you guys can answer.

    1. My sim keeps getting boos and thumbs down from other sims. I will walk into a room and get that from a ton of people so it must be related to him. Though I think his wife gets it too. Also his wife constantly holds her nose and shakes her head "no" with a picture of him as a bubble above her head. I dont know why this is. Its not needs related, and I doubt its moodlets either, most of the time they are happy. Maybe traits?

    My dude has: loner, good sense of humour, excitable, friendly, couch potato
    The Wife has: ambitious, loves outdoors, flirt, commitment issues, party animal

    I did used to have the passive moodlet that was "faithful" but since the wife got hit on by some guy thats been gone. If its related to a scarlett letter type reputation loss is there any way to restore? Its annoying getting all these yells.
    2. So in the University life EP you have roommates. I joined a dorm when I returned for another term and found that some people in the picture when youre about to select a dorm were not included in the building. I later see one of those missing people in the campus, BUT in the relation tab it doesnt show the icon denoting them as students. This particular person had been a student before, when I had taken a 2 week term. So my question is are the students in the dorm/uni world replaced by newly generated ones? Because if say, every student in each of the dorms dies itll just be the sims I take to college that inhabit the place...not very fun. I could create a sim household myself each time, but that seems like a hassle. So im hoping they are just replaced by the AI. I am also wondering if this applies to sims that leave the university world because you marry them into your main world(sunset valley). Would they be replaced automatically as well is what im asking.

    The first scenario I mentioned at the start of this question gives me a bit of hope that there is some type of seed regeneration....It would be odd if the sim my character went to school alongside is now the same age when the son of my original character is now at the same school. Hoping theres an answer for
    3. Can someone explain to me how roommates and properties work? It seems to me there are separate systems.... I would like to buy a second property and rent that one out for money would that be possible? My last save file months ago seemed to be bugged when I added roommates through the phone and Im hoping to avoid something like that again. I have twallans mod now, and maybe story progressions "make active" would figure in here somehow??

    4. would you say sims 4 is better than 3 now? I love sims 3, havent had this much fun since I first played the Gamecube and Ps2 versions ages ago. And those were nothing compared to what the pc offers. I was among the many who were disappointed by what MAXIS/EA did to the series. Nickel and diming, by skimping out on features, and overall being far less ambitious.

    Also....hows the modding scene for it? Has a new Twaillan arisen?

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