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Post by MilosGamerSRB on Mon 30 Jan 2017, 14:19

FISHAO is MMORPG fishing game released on 2013 from the creator of MaffiaControl (GamoVation), which can be played from 

Soooooooooo, let's see what do we have here?
FISHAO. Mapa10

We have 12 different areas, which 2 aren't unlocked by me, and every 12 areas can be unlocked (Beach, Rio and Laketown are free) by buying some items, catching fish or achieving levels.
Every area has something special, e.g, the Laketown has Trout Farm, and Seagull Harbor has boats to be rent.
Let's see the interface of playing:

FISHAO. Interf10
You can see the main interface. Daily quest includes simple quest for rewards, collections for fossils, fish and furniture, and missions. Fishcoins can be used to buy Palm Island or something in shop.
Fishbucks can be traded with other players.
Rods are requirement for fishing. We have bamboo rod, and dough and a fishing line, for my current equiepment. Fishing line can be upgraded to get bigger fish, but also better rod can help!
There are also fish clubs where you can fish with other players in club and compete in a tournament!
Let's see the housing system!

FISHAO. Pizap_10

You can place furniture inside, you can breed your fish outside and get money!
Your friends can visit you by going to Rio Tropical, and entering the "FRIENDS" house, but they have to friend-request you by clicking your avatar > VIEW PROFILE > ADD AS A FRIEND.

In the store you can buy new rods, bait, fish radars, luck potions, EXP potions, power boosters, something for your character, magic clocks, shiny potions (LEVEL 120 AND UP, TALK TO SHINY AT MARSHVILLE!)
There are also events which you can participate, and get some fishcoins, and change your avatar in the options menu!
There is many many more to be discovered.
In my opinion, this game is worth trying even if you don't play games in browsers. As I said before, FISHAO is available at!
Tell me below what do you think of the game! Happy fishing and tight lines!

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Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Mon 30 Jan 2017, 20:34

It certainly looks cute, perhaps I will have a look at it some day Smile

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FISHAO. Btn_donate_LG to Games4theworld

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