MS Office 2016 Pro Plus activation help

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MS Office 2016 Pro Plus activation help

Post by M_Eq on Sat 09 Sep 2017, 15:03

I am in need of step-by-step guide on the activation of Office 2016.   Help

I got MS Office 2016 from the mega link on the G4TW fulfilled wish post. I wasn't aware  that I needed to activate it (thought it was pre-cracked) until I was greeted with the 'This copy of microsoft office is not activated' window when I needed to use Word. So through some searching on this site, I found out I needed the MSToolkit to activate the MS Office, so I downloaded it.

When I first ran it and chose the 'Office toolkit' the "log window"(?), the one with green texts and black background, showed this message: Supported office installation was not installed.
I saw on YouTube that to activate MS Office with MSToolkit, you'd have to go to the 'Activation' tab --> AutoKMS --> EZ activator (I think this is the right name). However, on my activation tab all the options for 'AutoKMS' were greyed out. So I couldn't click on anything and I wasn't able to activate Office 2016 like in the video. I'm assuming this is because MS Office 2016 wasn't detected hence the message I saw earlier.
I was given the option to install 'KMS Service Server' though and that'd give me the 'Check' and 'Check key list' available to click on. The rest were greyed out.

I am totally lost on how to activate MS Office 2016 properly. Can anyone please help me with this? Step by step preferably Oh my....
Thanks in advance!  Carlos is tha man!!!


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