Kinda just wondering O.o

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Kinda just wondering O.o

Post by xjessyx on Tue 19 Sep 2017, 13:18

Has anyone had pictures taken in game just suddenly turn black? Not pictures on the wall, but pictures in sims' inventories. I've googled it, and it seems to hit some people every now and then. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen, were you able to fix it, and is there a way to prevent it?

I did download a mod (CC?) that makes where you can store more items than originally, like pictures and paintings. I think it was from Cinderellimouse, but I'm not really for sure. Anyway, I noticed that after I put my sims' pictures in there, they all turned black. Like they got erased some how. Custom paintings as well (or painting pictures if you wanna it that - you know, where the sim paints a portrait of something in the game).

I'm not too awfully worried about it. It did almost give me a heart attack when it first happened. But something I like about the sims 4 is when you take a picture with the camera, it also takes a screencap. So all isn't lost. I'm just wondering if maybe what I downloaded had anything to do with it, or if maybe it was just some freak phenomenon.

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