need seeders for the sims 3 island paradise

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need seeders for the sims 3 island paradise

Post by JamieDoddy on Tue 15 Jul 2014, 21:22

hello, I'm new to the page, but i have downloaded all the sims 3 games & expansions from yourself. anyway, i have a problem with downloading the sims 3 island paradise. I've re-downloaded it 3 times and its done the same every time!! at first the game downloads at 8mbps but as soon as it hits 63% it drops to 0.6kbps. i seen on another post about someone asking for seeders on island paradise and you posted seeder request rules on there which said something like 'you cannot request seeders if there are at least 2 seeders, and the sims 3 games always have 2 seeders, well mine doesn't, it has 1 seeder and 95 peers...... this is the only pack i haven't got due to this download problem. it would be much appreciated if you could help me out.



No need to reply to this now, I've sorted it. I downloaded it from your 'games4thewworld website instead of torrents.....



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Re: need seeders for the sims 3 island paradise

Post by Webmaster on Wed 16 Jul 2014, 23:40

Hello there,

Please note that the downloads on our website are also in .torrent format, it's just a different server you're downloading from.
Try this for download speeds improvement:

Note that The Sims 3 torrents do not meet the requirements for a "re-seed", so I'll close this topic now.

 to Games4theworld



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